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You may have received a leaflet from NHS England called “Better Information Means Better Care” telling us that the nations medical records will be uploaded to a central database, allowing access by third parties.
It is claimed to be good for research, allowing government to respond to health needs across England. But many critics argue its an infringement of your privacy. Heres information the leaflet omitted, that may make you think whether to opt out.
The NHS leaflet doesn’t tell you much. This may suggest, as GP Dr Marie-Louise Tidmarsh, says that patients are being misled about the so-called confidential nature of the data extractions.
So here’s some information you wont find dropping through your letter box:
Under the Health and Social Care Act 2012, GP’s are forced to supply data to the Health and Social care Information centre (HSCIC). The HSCIC are using services of the infamous, ATOS, slated for its appalling treatment sick and disabled people.
The scheme is called CareData and allows researchers, companies, government departments, and others, access to the data for a fee.
Uploads of data from G P’s surgeries will start this March 2014, so if you want to opt out, do so now, otherwise, your consent will be implied. There’s opt out forms at GP’s practise’s.
Data is categorised as red for identifiable to you, amber, for pseudomynised with access to your name, date of birth, postcode, NHS number, and green for totally anonymous data.
GP, Dr Neil Bhatia, who is opting all his patients out despite this breaking the law, say the NHS omits information. How can people make an informed choice to opt in or out, if they aren’t aware of both sides?
Your Caredata record will be created, but it isnt shared with other GP’s or hospitals treating you. The real purpose for CareData is data mining and linkage. There’s plans to expand data to include medical tests, medications prescribed, nursing observations, and data from community and social care.
Pay-for-access will allow pseudomynised data, your date of birth, postcode, gender, ethnicity, and NHS number, to be available to institutions, universities, businesses, insurance and drugs companies.
Also your physical and mental health, your drinking and smoking habits, will be available, supposedly for health intelligence, health improvement, audit, research, and planning.
But even the HSCIC says it relies on trusting that access is for the right purposes. Can we really trust these third parties with our personal information?

Even Mark Davis, from HSCIC admits that there’s a “small risk” that patients could be identified as pseudonymised records can be matched up with other records that companies may have, and of course, just searching on the internet.
Critics are growing: MPs, GP’s, medConfidential, OpenRights group, and many more.
All cite concerns that once uploaded, there’s no way of knowing who has your data or how its used.
Past examples of Government and Companies data leaks are of concern.
Professor Julia Hippisley-Cox of the NHS Confidentiality Advisory Group, says that third parties access “ left serious unanswered questions about patient confidentiality “
Campaigner, Phil Booth warns that “ the people in charge now admit the range of potential customers for this…centralised database ….is effectively limitless.”There’s concerns medical records could be used for commercial purposes, or result in people being discriminated against by insurers or employers.
Even the HSCIC admits that this about NHS privatisation: Mr Davies said: “We have private hospitals and companies like Virgin who are purchasing NHS patient care now….” And of course, they will seek access to CareData.

The Royal College of General Practitioners and the British Medical Council support it. However, a survey by G. P’s magazine, Pulse, found over 40 percent of 400 GP’s intend to opt out, and many oppose it. Dr Peter Swinyard said that GPs were worried patients would lose trust in GP consultations.
An anonymous GP has opted out all of his patients despite breaking the law.
HSIC refuses to disclose the cost, but estimates are approximately 50 million pounds of taxpayers money. Surely this would be better spent on patient care?
CareData could contravene the Data Protection Act, and proposed EU laws. Shockingly, the scheme was supposed to have been running last year, but the Information Commissioner delayed it because originally, there was NO opt out option at all!
Since Jan 6th, Over 2400 people have called an NHS hotline number complaining, with many writing to their MPs. MP Roger Godsiff, tabled an Early Day Motion in the House of Commons,
said: “I have no faith in Government …to guarantee anonymity…. I believe patients themselves ..should determine when and where their medical information is used and for what purposes”.

There are plans to release fully identifiable data at some later date, but this could be against the data prtection Act and, the NHS Act 2006, section 251, which gives the Secretary of state for Health the power to allow data access that fully identifies who you are, only in specific circumstances such as civil or medical emergencies. Hopefully human rights lawyers might be willing to something about this?
You only have until March to opt out completely. Go to your GP’s surgery.
Ask that your medical records include two crucial codes:
9Nu0 to stop identifiable data being uploaded from your GP, so it cant be pseudomynised and released. It ensures there is just an unlinked record, but anonymised.
And 9Nu4 code to stop HSCIC releasing identifiable data from your GP and any other sources, and cannot be overrided by section 251 unless there’s a civil emergency.
To be on the safe side, ask hospitals and other medical services to opt you out as well.
GP’s will still have to send data about you by law, but it will be anonymised and will not be CareData.
Make sure you opt out your children as well. As Ross Anderson, Digital rights expert, warns, once your data is uploaded even if you opt out later, the data will not be deleted, and that goes for your children as well.
Write to your MP with your objections.
This will destroy doctor-patient confidentiality. One hopes that a good lawyer might take legal action against this on behalf of us all.
You only have until March 2014 to opt out. If you don’t, you cant delete the data once its uploaded. Author F.Anderson

May 212013
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Top economist Jeffrey Sachs says Wall Street is full of ‘crooks’ and hasn’t changed since the financial crash of 2008, says

The Independent in April 2013 (One of the UK’s leading newspapers)

One of the world’s most respected economists has said Wall St is full of “crooks” and hasn’t reformed its “pathological” culture since the financial crash. Professor Jeffrey Sachs told a high-powered audience at the Philadelphia Federal Reserve earlier this month that the lack of reform was down to “a docile president, a docile White House and a docile regulatory system that absolutely can’t find its voice.” Sachs, from Columbia University, has twice been named one of Time magazine’s 100 Most Influential People in the World, and is an adviser to the World Bank and IMF. “What has been revealed, in my view, is prima facie criminal behavior,” he said. “It’s financial

May 212013
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Celebrities, politicians and VIPs had their sex attack files hidden from investigating officers by police top brass

Hundreds of files on celebrities, politicians and other VIPs accused of sex attacks and abuse were so heavily protected by senior police that investigating officers could not access them, it emerged today.

Information on high profile suspects was marked as ‘secret’ or ‘restricted’ and only available to a small number of officers – a system which may have helped prolific offenders like Jimmy Savile and MP Cyril Smith escape prosecution.

by  waltermitty april 2013


The approach to sensitive files was designed to stop officers from leaking information to the media, experts say.


May 192013
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Why the Stock Market Booms as the Lower-loop Bust Worsens

Corporatism: A System Of Control Designed By The Monopoly Men Of The Global Elite. 06 Mar 2013

The Dow is at a record high and so are corporate profits – so why does it feel like most of the country is deeply suffering right now? Real household income is the lowest that it has been in a decade, poverty is absolutely soaring, 47 million Americans are on food stamps and the middle class is being systematically destroyed. How can big corporations be doing so well while most American families are having such a hard time? Isn’t their wealth supposed to “trickle down” to the rest of us?

Their cure will kill us! Michel Chossudovsky on State of Financial Emergency

Our republic and its economy are imploded by the banker’s agent saboteurs  and what do the people cry out for as it happens?  Nothing.   What spokesman to they choose to speak their defense to the world?  Nobody.  What alternative did they propose to replace the system that was killing them.  None, although one answer was there if they wanted it.






Sep 192012
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There is a crisis of war, bankruptcy and environmental degradation. Democracy has been hollowed out by the super rich. Accountable Democracy has plans to help change this. We seek to spread awareness of the general crisis, the sheer criminality of the elite and the way they use the media for divide and rule tactics and misinformation.

Click here to read our mission statement. To participate, come  to our London conference on November 10.

We do not seek to compete with other campaigns. We wish to offer a service to all by helping publicise both the criminality and the solutions offered by a range of campaigns calling for solutions like the end of NATO, public banking, science in the public interest, the exposure of the elite’s dirty money trails.

As well as this website we are  developing a tv channel ADTV to expose media misinformation and offer independent news and commentary.



Sep 192012
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US Sociologist Professor Peter Phillips, well known for researching the USA power elite, and one of the leading figures behind Project Censored, has published a study of the transnational ruling class. He points out that the present global situation is dire: “The World Bank reports that, in 2008, 1.29 billion people were living in extreme poverty, on less than $1.25 a day, and 1.2 billion more were living on less than $2.00 a day.”

Phillips and co-author Kimberly Soeiro focus on one company in the resources sector and one in the financial services sector.

Freeport-McMoRan (FCX) is the world’s largest extractor of copper and gold. The company controls huge deposits in Papua, Indonesia, and also operates in North and South America, and in Africa. In 2010 they reported revenues of $18.9 billion and a net income of $4.2 billion.

BlackRock, based in Manhattan, is the largest assets management firm in the world. As of March 2012, BlackRock manages assets worth $3.68 trillion.

The authors look at the directors of the two businesses and find they are part of a web. “BlackRock’s board has direct links to seven of the twenty-five most interconnected corporations in the world. BlackRock’s eighteen board members control and influence tens of trillions of dollars of wealth in the world and represent a core of the super-connected financial sector corporations”.

They conclude: ” We demonstrate how the US/NATO military-industrial-media empire operates in service to the transnational corporate class for the protection of international capital in the world.


Sep 192012
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Documents obtained by Wikilealks from the quasi-official US Stratfor organisation have underlined what was only a rumour at the time: the US Drugs Enforcement Agency was ordered by the Bush White House to stop investigating the brother of Afghanistan’s President Karzai, a well known drug kingpin. In a leaked email Stratfor’s  Fred Burton writes:

“The brother of President Karzai of Afghanistan is under investigation by DEA as a major narcotics trafficker. For political reasons, DEA has been told to back off by the White House and CIA.”

This shock account undermines one of the reasons given for the NATO invasion of Afghanistan: to stamp out the drug trade. This was never very credible as the Taliban had themselves stopped opium production a year before NATO arrived. Cynics said that on the contrary the invasion of Afghanistan was in part to reinstitute the drug trade and the now booming exports have led credence to this view.

Are there two sorts of drug dealers: those protected by Washington and the independents? There are certainly many instances of DEA officials complaining they have been stood down, as has happened in this case. In addition the Fast and Furious scandal has seen the Obama Justice department admitting to authorising the supply of weaponry to a favoured Mexican drug cartel in an alleged sting operation.

When the Wachovia Bank turned out to be laundering billions of dollars in Mexican drug money no-one was prosecuted.

Sep 192012
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Former President Jimmy Carter has issued a blistering indictment of the U.S. electoral process, saying it is shot through with “financial corruption”. The dynamic is fed, Carter said, by an income tax code that exacerbates the gap between the wealthiest Americans and the rest of the electorate, allowing the rich even greater influence over public discourse and electioneering. He said the United States should return to publicly financed elections for president.

In fact the situation is even worse than Carter says because most of the money funnelled into elections is spent on media advertising. Any corporate journalist trying to highlight this corruption issue is likely to incur the anger of their proprietor. There is a closed loop. Government funds are channeled to the Washington/Israel corporate nexus in the form of spending on the military/industrial security and prison industries. The money is invested in buying politicians and lobbyists. They in turn channel the money into media advertising.…