About Us



The Problem

The current system of governance has facilitated the seizure of economic assets by the one percent, wars and militarism, the erosion of privacy, massive environmental degradation and the co-opting of the mainstream media by the elite.

Democracy is on life support, almost destroyed by the power of money to influence politicians and the media, the hyping of alleged terror threats, and the globalisation of power into unelected bodies like the IMF and NATO.

The elite maintain their power through fear of violent revolution, the power of the media to distract and misinform, divide and rule tactics against opposition movements.


Strategies for Change

The Internet revolution has broken the monopoly of the Western corporate media and awareness of these issues is spreading fast.

We aim to articulate to a wider section of the public both the dire nature of the crisis and a credible blueprint for dismantling the current power structures.

We can do this by stressing that the activities of the elite are illegal under current treaties and statutes, for instance the invasion of Iraq, or the bribing and blackmailing of politicians.


Second we can help campaigners publicise key reform proposals like getting money out of politics, total transparency of state and corporate power, a shift in taxation from income to wealth.


Third we can help develop an independent media both to show how a different emphasis can suggest different solutions and to expose misinformation used to provoke wars.


Our Activities

We hold SCADS conferences every six months and are set up a media outlet, RADTV, producing weekly half hour news programmes. Eventually we expect to be content suppliers to broadcasters anywhere who are interested in independent English language material.

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